I am a blogging enthusiast, a lover of loveliness, and a lifelong animal fan. My day to day work involves The Daily Corgi (http://thedailycorgi.blogspot.com), a multi-platform community by a Welsh Corgi lover for Welsh Corgi lovers. Think the Queen of England and her dogs, and you’ve got the right idea!

Occasionally, I post at Buttercup Bungalow. More personal stuff there, and shame-free indulgence of my penchant for All Things Cute: http://buttercupbungalow.blogspot.com.

I pin like a bandit on the lam: https://www.pinterest.com/laurieeno.

I firmly believe one is NEVER too old to be a girl, regardless of age. Keep the girl alive inside the woman, and hold on to your giggle. Girls keep the world from going off the rails! We ARE the unsung heroes.

Finally, I don’t do windows. Ever. That’s a man’s job, darling.

Have a lovely day!

Laurie Eno
Boston, MA


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